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If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding BayES please contact me by email. Note that I will not provide suggestions or advice on modeling choices. I can only give suggestions specifically regarding BayES and the way you can (or cannot) run a model in it.

PIC If you download and use BayES, please consider providing feedback. Positive feedback is always welcome and constructive criticism much appreciated.

You can provide feedback by taking a short survey, by email or by commenting on the project's page on ResearchGate.

About the Developer and the Project

Grigorios Emvalomatis
Associate Professor
Department of Economics
University of Crete

I have been an academic since I obtained my PhD in 2009, first at Wageningen University (the Netherlands) and then at the University of Dundee (UK). My research concentrates on topics in applied microeconomics, especially, efficiency and productivity analysis, with applications mostly in agricultural economics. All my research projects include an econometric component and, increasingly over the years, employ Bayesian methods. I have taught courses in applied statistics, intermediate and advanced econometrics, microeconomics and business economics/quantitative methods, as well as a series of summer schools on Bayesian econometrics and efficiency and productivity analysis.

I started work on BayES as a proof-of-concept exercise back in 2011. Originally, the software was entirely command-line driven. The Graphical User Interface came later, when it became apparent that a general-purpose Bayesian econometrics software could be appealing to a wider audience. The language was introduced as a means of speeding-up the testing of new procedures, but it soon found its way into the software. In 2016 I made BayES available online and since then, its various versions have been downloaded more than 300 times. A new release, with bug fixes and support for new models, is planned to come out every 1-2 months.

BayES remains my hobby and it takes up much of my spare time. I try to respond to the emails that I receive regarding BayES as soon as possible and given that they contain reasonable requests (for example, I do not provide modeling advice). If you use BayES for your research or try it out just for fun (yes, there are people like this), I would love to hear your opinion on it.

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